Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ministry Opportunities with the National Office

The YWAM Japan National Office is located in a section of Tokyo historically called Sanya. It has been the low-class area of Tokyo where leatherworkers practiced their craft and where an execution site was located. After World War II, many men came to Sanya looking for day-work. Today, the execution site is no longer in use. However, there are still signs of deterioration and economic depression. When you walk through the area, you will see many homeless persons. Nearby there is also a prostitution district.

Ministry Opportunities
Whether you are part of an outreach team or are a single visitor, if you plan to come to Tokyo and would like to participate in some Christian ministries, there are opportunities to do so.

Prayer & Intercession: Given the history and present reality of the area, there are opportunities for prayer-walks and times of prayer and intercession with the National Office staff. Past times of intercession have included themes of praying for Japan, for the healing of historic wounds between Japan and other nations, and times of reconciliation with persons from other nations. Prayer-walks can be scheduled for locations within Tokyo such as the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku Government Tower.

Homeless Ministry: There are various ministries which serve the homeless in Tokyo. Some churches and other charitable organizations are involved.

Other Opportunities: There are several YWAM teams with ministries in the greater Tokyo area (Kanto region). On the home page of this blog, there is a list of links to other YWAM Japan web sites.

Preparation for Outreach in Tokyo
If you are preparing to bring your team to the greater Tokyo area, please read through the YWAM Japan Outreach Team information available on this blog.